First Winter Swim Practice

So we walked up the sidewalk, and I saw through the glass doors to the camp I used to go to. I said “Hay I remember being  here for camp.” So we entered the camp. Then we walked down the stairs and went to the pool room. We all gathered on the stair stand and the new coaches introduced themselves. Then we started swimming.

Coach L. was the coach for the lane I was in. She said to do “4 50’s” (8 Laps). Then she said 12 25’s ! (12 laps!!!!!!). It was a true struggle. Then coach L. said to do 6 50’s (12 Laps!!!!!!!!!). My legs ached & ached. They felt like they were frozen at points. When I got to the second to last 50, I was so behind that the other kids were already on the last one. So coach L. said “you can rest a minute.” Then she said “you can skip this & wait for the others if you want.”  But I said ” No thank you.” But when I got to the other end I said to myself “although you made the right choice this is really hard.”  When I got back everybody was waiting for me. It was embarassing. Then coach L. said it was time to go home.

I was really sore the morning after that.

swimming freestyle

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One Response to First Winter Swim Practice

  1. Laura says:

    Good for you nonna

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